When Letting Go Is A Struggle

On the eve of the Full Moon, we are invited to be in our full voice. To set clear intentions and let the light in.  Often this involves the invitation to let go of what is standing in our light so that we can shine as our full, authentic self.

Yet, letting go can be harder than expected and easier said than done.  Allow me to help you let go of letting go.

So often, when we go to our friends, family, spiritual advisors, and even coaches, with our fears, doubts, difficulties, with all of the best intention, they suggest that you let it go of what is troubling you. To let go and not dwell on or allow what is troubling you to overwhelm you or stop you in your tracks.  Simply, “let it go.”  As if letting go is easy.  Those who have tried know it may not be easy.  Depending on how far we are down a particular rabbit hole, it may not feel the slightest bit possible.  Even worse, is when trying doesn’t help and we experience guilt or shame for not being able to let go.

For this reason, I invite you to let go of letting go.  To be with what is and not struggle to change it.  To allow change to happen slowly, and flow with the energy of now.

In my Buddhist meditation practice, we are reminded that grasping contributes to suffering.  In my professional coaching practice, we are reminded that what we resist persists.  I share this podcast to bring ease to your practice.

Would a community of support help you practice letting go?

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