Yesterday, I picked up my new glasses.  They are a red-burgundy color which is new for me.  Way out of my comfort zone. This got me thinking about the choice I made in choosing them and my authentic voice.  It inspired me to share a Facebook Live video.  I saved it so you could watch it here.
Below is one of the comments shared by my friend and awesome author/coach, Sheila Kennedy, of Zebra Ink.  This made me realize you too may be interested in hearing the reply.
It’s time for me to pick out a new pair of glasses. What Karen McMillan shares goes so much deeper than the frames that are on your face! It’s so much more about leadership than fashion and self consciousness. Thank you Karen.
If you get a chance to watch, please take a moment to share your thought and feelings. If you wear glasses, be sure to share a pic in the comments.  Be bold. Be authentic.  I’d love to see how you wear this.
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