Meditation is not only about spiritual pursuits or reducing stress.  There are many other benefits not usually spoken about for body, mind and spirit.

I started my “proper” practice several decades ago, and escalated it to studying with a Thai monk.  I’ve also learned meditation through Tai chi and yoga.  When I started, the internet was young and personal computers were up and coming.  Once I had access to the world of wisdom, I was curious to know more.

This took me to research benefits related to mindful creativity, productivity and focus (guess I needed more reasons to keep me in practice LOL).  I found many references, but one that grabbed me was a December 2015 article in the Harvard Business Review(HBR).  WHAT??? Harvard touting the benefits of meditation.  The article spoke to how meditation benefits CEO’s.  I was elated.  My private clients know that when they are in practice, I affectionally call them, C.E.O. = Chief Enlightened Officer.

Here are some of the benefits highlighted in the article.  Some with which you may be familiar, others, not so much,

  1. resilience
  2. attention
  3. memory
  4. emotional intelligence
  5. creativity
  6. lower blood pressure
  7. improved blood circulation
  8. lower heart rate
  9. less perspiration
  10. slower respiratory rate
  11. less anxiety
  12. lower blood cortisol levels
  13. more feelings of well-being
  14. less stress
  15. deeper relaxation

Are you surprised?  Did you know meditation could bring so many benefits? It doesn’t have to be hard or long.  which most resonated for you?

An intentional, daily practice of 10 minutes-a-day may help you realize some of these benefits.  Anyone who knows me knows my tagline on my email is “remember to breathe.”  This reminds me that even one simple breath can help us come present and slow down to speed up your success.

To help us stay in practice, I’ve put a weekly meditation circle on the calendar.  It’s known as our Wisdom Tea, a little sip of peace.

Weekly Wisdom Tea (FREE)

Given these benefits, I had no doubt that I wanted to bring meditation into my life as a regular practice.  More recently I decided to share these benefits with you too. It is one of the reasons I share this gift every Monday @ 1:00 pm ET, in the form of our Wisdom Tea:  A little sip of peace, i.e., a 20-30 minute chat and guided meditation. It’s virtual, join us from anywhere by phone, computer or iPad (I share the link for the iPad in the reminder email)

Join us for FREE (my gift to your mind, body, spirit goodness and peace).

Every Monday @ 1:00 pm ET

If you’ve already joined us, I am delighted and honor you for being in your practice. I look forward to connecting with you each Monday – or whenever you can (I’ll be there even if you can’t make it – I am dedicated to you and my practice)


From my heart to yours.  Remember to breathe.