Happy #FestiveFriday!

If we are connected on Facebook, you may have already seen the YINpreneur™ Wisdom Circle FB Live I did to inspire you about celebrating milestones.  In case you missed it, you can visit the FB group or check out this short video on my YouTube channel.

Allow space to celebrate progress forward
So often, we forge ahead, get busy and forget to celebrate.  Often times we do not feel we can celebrate until we have completed a big project, or may not believe we deserve to celebrate because it’s not exactly what or when it was supposed to be, i.e., not yet perfect.  I invite you to let go of these value-eating, energy-draining gremlins and celebrate every milestone. Gratitude and celebration are key elements in nurturing and empowering your inner entrepreneur, your YINpreneur™.

Harvard Business Review agrees
I love it when the Harvard Business Review aligns with our yin-feminine pillars and practices. In an article titled The Power of Small Wins, they support our take on inner work, celebrating milestones, and meaningful work.  The article is loooong, but worth noting these three elements to support your forward progress.

Remember to celebrate each step forward.  You deserve to be affirmed and celebrated.

I would love to hear how you celebrate.  Email me or, mission-inspired women, join me in our YINpreneur™ Wisdom Circle Facebook group to share and celebrate you and your milestones.

From my heart to yours,

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