Book Wisdom


I am honored to be a featured entrepreneur in Choices to Changes, featuring the best practices of Twelve Global Entrepreneurs who have achieved success in building meaningful relationships, growing financially, taking bigger risks and gaining more influence in the marketplace. Sheila Kennedy put their practices to the test so she could raise money to have the book published. In a 60 day experiment, Sheila tripled her income, attracted her ideal clients and accepted speaking engagements by employing the practices shared in Choices to Changes. This book is a gold mine of practices, tools and strategies to implement. The book itself is a testament that these practices and attitudes work. Any entrepreneur looking to build relationships, make more money, and gain more visibility will want to adopt these practices right away. The success that is possible, as exemplified by the twelve global entrepreneurs and the author, is the most compelling testimony of the difference these practices in confident entrepreneurship can make.

Giving Back

A portion of every purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.