How I Serve

Co-Create Your Life and Business of Peace and Profit

Blending ancient wisdom with modern practice to help you slow down to speed up your success, and know more passion, profit and joy.  Whatever modern practice we share, I open and close our coaching with breath, affirmation and meditation.

Virtual RetreatU

Be on retreat while learning to lead retreats.

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Virtual Leadership Training Experience

The step-by-step online learning community for coaches, healers and mission-inspired entrepreneurs, with a message to share or a community to connect online, but don't know where to start.

Stop.  Breathe. Enjoy this 5 minute retreat.

Guided meditation on  your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Connection!  Brainstorming! Mindfulness practice!

True Business Bliss is not about $$ profit, it's all about empowering your greatest asset, YOU!!!  This is not your average (old-style) networking event!  Solopreneurs don't have to go it alone!  Join us for valuable support! 

I created this group because, for me, traditional networking is a real turnoff.  I'd get up early or stay late and leave these events with  little value received - for anyone but the organizer.  I'd hate the food and take home a bunch of cards meaning little if I didn't remember who gave them to me.  Here, in the Business Bliss Studio, we're dedicated to authentic connection and growing you so you can grow your business.  We're blending business, fun and retreat so you can master true "Business Bliss."

Giving Back

A portion of every purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.