Meet Karen

I am Mom to an uber creative daughter, and passionate about helping other women to live and work with less stress, and more creativity, productivity and joy.  Heart-centered women who seek the confidence, clarity, and self-care to build a personal and professional life they can own with pure joy and a feeling of deep fulfillment.

I am on a mission to redefine retreat as a way of living and working.  Guiding you with mindful living and conscious business practices to a heart-centered way of being in the world, rooted in an understanding that you are the foundation of your personal and professional life.  Your greatest asset.

I am a professionally certified transformational leadership coach and mentor, founder and curator of YINpreneur™ Village and Virtual RetreatU - blending ancient wisdom with modern practice to help women to slow down to speed up their success.

This is leadership that transforms “no” into “yes”, “I can’t" into “I can”, and negative thoughts and feelings into empowerment and infinite possibility.  This is value-based leadership that invites us to connect with source, maximize our human potential, and live our lives as fully expressed women.

I invite you to join me on this journey of personal and professional transformation, learn, grow and have fun while doing it.  Making my mantra, your mantra, which is, “Remember to breathe!

Traditional Bio

More about me and my passions +

Transformational leadership and retreat muse dedicated to empowering women with ancient wisdom and modern practice for heart-centered, sustainable success.

Bergdorf's and Birkenstocks

I spent much of my life as a "should" girl, allowing outside voices to lead and inform my decisions. Even with success, fulfillment was illusive. It was not until I began to blend ancient wisdom with modern living did I begin to recognize my own voice and trust my inner wisdom. This is when life changed. Big time.

I learned that I did not have to choose between savvy, city me at Bergdorf's, and spiritual, self-care me in Birkenstocks. I could blend the two and know deep, sustainable joy. In my world, I am known as a YINpreneur. Leading with yin, feminine inner wisdom, and the creativity and innovative energy of an entrepreneur.

My Passions

I delight in blending right-brain, heart-centered, personal development and spiritual enlightenment with over two decades of corporate experience - from domestic banking on Wall Street, to corporate marketing and communications in a Fortune 400 company, and nonprofit management.

My professional persona is transformational leadership & retreat coach, teacher, mentor and social media marketing specialist. I am deeply passionate about empowering leaders and teams in corporate, small business, nonprofit and entrepreneurial environments to that place of clarity, confidence, sense of purpose, and joy. Guiding you off of autopilot and society-reactive behavior to nurturing your own, true voice. I partner with leaders who want to lead from within as the path to true success, and make mindfulness a way of being in life and work.

I am happiest in my work when I am leading, or teaching others to lead, land-based and virtual retreats, co-creating with transformational leaders and conscious entrepreneurs.

Retreat is not about getting away from it all.  It is about finding that place within where you find peace amidst the noise.

What is transformational leadership +
What is transformational leadership?

It is a heart-centered way of being in the world rooted in an understanding that you are the foundation of your personal and professional life.  It is leadership that transforms no into yes, can't into can, and negative thoughts and feelings into empowerment and infinite possibility.  This is value-based leadership that invites us to connect with source, maximize our human potential, and live our lives as fully expressed women.

What do you mean by ancient wisdom and modern practice?

My personal and professional life are informed by ancient, universal wisdom, and enhanced with modern day practices.

Ancient is the teachings of the prophets, Greek and African mythology, the Tao, 5 Elements, yoga, meditation, art, mother nature, and breath.

Modern, takes my degree in psychology, where the focus was  abnormal and cognitive behavior, and brings it forward. I am grateful to modern teachers like,Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Robert Emmons, for infusing my learning and expanding my heart with positive psychology.  I am further inspired by the teachings of Joseph Campbell, Shakti Gawain, Brene Brown, Echart Tolle, Daniel Pink, and Amy Cuddy.

Storytellers like Paulo Coelho, Don Miguel Ruiz, Carlos Casteneda and Jean Shinoda Bolen take me on a journey to Self and connection with the goddess, and my inner wise woman.

The interwebs (as my daughter calls it) and related resources provide the means to share and learn with a global community.

I believe that my multicultural heritage and avid quest for spiritual knowledge have inspired a unique and powerful ability to motivate a diverse audience and address life and business issues in a holistic manner.

Degrees and Certifications +
  • BA Psychology | Vassar College
  • Graduate Advanced Coach training program | Coach University
  • Certified Coach (ACC) | International Coach Federation
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC) | Center for Credentialing and Education
  • Certified Master Retreat Coach | Retreat Coach Network
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker | New York Department of State
  • Master SCUBA Diver | Scuba Schools International
  • Studied meditation with Venerable Phra Mana Viriyarampo of Sunnataram Forest Monastery (at Peaceful Dragon, USA)


Corporate & Nonprofit Experience +

I have held many positions over the years in corporate, not-for-profit and organizations:

  • Diversity Coaching & Consulting | Charlotte Country Day School, NC
  • Product Development, Marketing, Merchandising and Profit Planning | Avon Products, Inc., NY
  • Director | Reach Out and Read-Charlotte, NC
  • Director PR & New Business | The Marketing Directors, Inc, NY
  • Domestic Banking | Irving Trust Company, NY
  • Lobbying | WashingtonD.C., N.C.
Social Responsibility +

Passionate volunteer or board member:

  • Matthews Community Farmers Market
  • Catawba Lands Conservancy (chair marketing committee)
  • Newark Community School of the Arts
  • Lakewood Preschool
  • Charlotte Country Day School (founder, Friends of the Arts parent association)
  • Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission
  • Steering Committee, African American Alumnae of Vassar College
  • Social Media Manager, NYC International Coach Federation
  • Board Secretary, Fighters for Life

Giving Back

A portion of every purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.