Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of the fire rooster.

January 28th, marks the beginning of the Year of the Rooster.  The Chinese New Year is also defined by the five elements, and is  known as the year of the fire rooster.  In other years, we may look to water, wood, metal and earth.

If you are like me, you are ready to let go of the fire monkey. and his adventurous yet sometimes over ambitious, mischievous and irritable energy.

Fire energy is also about passion, and fullness. The fire rooster personality shows up as leadership, confidence and independence.  They also like challenge – fire starters  

Those who practice view it as an optimistic year, one that bodes well for punctuality and loyalty.  Within China, its marked by fireworks, family gatherings and ceremonies to honor both one’s ancestors and various deities.

Wishing you wealth and happiness! <3