Is the new year calling you to consider new products and services?  Does this thought excite you or stress you out?
Maybe the call to create something new excites you and moves you into action.
For many of us, this is not the case.  The new year feels like pressure to create something new.  It can cause brain overload, stress, and procrastination.  This video is created to help you relieve the stress.
For others, it is the challenge of too many ideas.  We feel overwhelmed and have trouble focusing.   If this sounds or feels like you, then you will appreciate the tip I share in this video.
I write this email in the spirit of #simplenaturalsaturday and mission-inspired entrepreneurs.  Feedback from those who watched and appreciated the guidance prompted me to share it with you. This video will help you simplify this process while honoring the creative genius in you.
If it resonates, stop by our YINpreneur™ Wisdom Circle Facebook group and let me know what you think and feel after watching.  I’ll be happy to answer questions or support you in moving forward.
Wishing you peace and prosperity in abundance for 2018 and beyond.