The Power of Celebrating Milestones

If we are connected on Facebook, you may have already seen the YINpreneur™ Wisdom Circle FB Live I did to inspire you to celebrate the milestones.  Including an affirmation in the Harvard Business Review.

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Summer Fire Energy – 3 Tips to Plan Without Burnout

Summer is the season of fire energy, socializing and bringing your life to full bloom. It’s also about being in your authentic voice.  Aligning with these elements is not only about a spiritual connection. It is also the way to bring your business to full bloom.  To ignore these elements can lead to burnout.

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When Letting Go Is A Struggle

On the eve of the Full Moon, we are invited to be in our full voice. To set clear intentions and let the light in.  Often this involves the invitation to let go of what is standing in our light so that we can shine as our full, authentic self. Yet, letting go can be harder…

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