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{Mindful Minute} subways, presence and focus

Riding the subway is the easiest way to get around Manhattan.  It is also often the busiest place in Manhattan.  I was surprised that I could find peace amidst this noise and still be fully present.

I found it interesting that instead of a distraction the subway became a great place to practice being present without being absorbed by the noise and  chaos.  I was able to be quiet inside, yet curious and observant of the world around me.

The noise may come from outside of you or inside your heart of head.  As mentioned in the audio, being present amidst the noise is easier when you practice mastering focus and mindfulness when not amidst the noise.  Take time to stop, breathe, and go inside to find your quiet place.  You may do it with meditation or a walk in nature or your favorite place.  While listening to quiet music or watching children play.  Find your happy place and learn how to take it with you wherever you are.  Mastery in not about perfection, it is about practice. Practice being with your breath in your quiet place and watch how it gets easier to find it amidst the noise.

Wishing you peace amidst the noise.


life balance is a verb

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In my coaching I find that many people speak of life balance. They speak of wanting it, going after it, yet not achieving it. There there are those who say they don’t believe in it. And some, dispel life balance as a total myth. Often, I find that these references speak to life balance as a scale on which each side must be equal.

No surprise these are the beliefs than many hold. Traditionally, life balance is pictured as a scale. Prompting people to believe it has something to do with having it all and balancing it all equally. Other times, it references the clock and speaks of the amount of time we give each element in our lives. Making us feel that if they are not equal, our life is out of balance.

I have found that these perspectives leave me feeling less out of balance and more stressed. Striving to achieve artificial forms of balance push us further away from any chance of having or knowing life balance.  No wonder so many dispel it as an untainable reality or a myth.

For me, life balance isn’t’ about equals, or a static place to which we arrive. It is more about the energy and movement, living and working with clear and joyful intentions, and taking steps to realize them.

  • For me, it is more like a bike ride:
  • You have to want to do it.
  • Mastery is in the practice.

You may fall. But, with the time, help, and the right gear you may master the ride and enjoy the journey.
Some tips for life balance and energy that are like riding a bike:

  • You are in balance when you keep moving forward (with or without a goal. one pedal/step at a time) 
  • Pace yourself. Peddle too slowly and it feels unsteady (stuck or procrastination) too fast and you may crash (burnout). 
  • It helps not to look back for too often or too long (dwell on/worry about what’s behind you and you may fall over)
  • When you fall don’t be hard on yourself. Give some TLC to any wounds. Then, take a breath, reconnect with your why (for riding), and get back on the bike.
  • Breathe ease up on your grip, and enjoy the ride. 
  • One day, it comes to you unconsciously, with ease and you’re riding without hands, or at least without fear).
  • Celebrate when you finally ride, even a few feet, without falling.

Remember to breathe.

Wishing you the peace and and happiness of life in balance.

From my heart to yours,

Remember to breathe.
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