Self-Care for Advocates

Advocating for politics, your most recent cause or passion, this may be a helpful read.

This last year, and particularly since the election, life has felt out of balance. The surrounding noise and politically chaos are distracting, energy draining and leave me feeling disconnected. It is an emotional drain that seems to have no end in sight. We have had to show up in ways we did not expect, and tap into our advocate self. Many have commented that this is a marathon, not a sprint. With this in mind and heart I remind you that self-care is an an essential practice.

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America Divided is NOT a Good Thing. Privilege and Reality.

Yesterday, I was saddened when I received an email, in reference to the 2016 election, with the subject line, “America being divided is a good thing.”

The author complemented the blog with a video, that went on to speak about how contrast and division motivate desire. I expressed joy for those who may finally be motivated to act, and appreciate there is much to be learned from whatever motivates us, and awakens change.

Yet, this does NOT equate with “America being a divided nation a good thing.” Especially for those who will deeply suffer from this division.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of the fire rooster.

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