Wisdom Tea (Facebook) Live

I’ve heard much about Facebook Live and had seen a few recordings in my Facebook stream. I wanted to see how it would complement this practice. Yet, I was nervous. I’m never excited about going on camera.

With the support of friends, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and lead a Facebook Live Wisdom Tea Live. For additional support, I wove this intention into the chat and meditation.

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Freedom! Independence?

FREEDOM! INDEPENDENCE? What does independence & freedom mean for you? The lines are a bit blurred on this day, as 1776 meant the U.S. broke free from Britain. Yet, slaves were not freed until 87 years later. Women were not free to vote until 144 years later. Same-sex couples were not free to marry until…

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Our NEW Wisdom Tea Meditation icon

Welcome to the new icon for our Wisdom Tea meditation events. For me, it is extra special – infused with the love and graphic art of my daughter, Jessica, aka ChocolateQuill (creating with her makes my heart sing). It is also my way of announcing the re-start of our Wisdom Tea virtual gatherings.

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