Be Like Bamboo: Easy Stress Relief

Feeling stress and the need for a quick recharge? Feeling blocked, stuck in your ways and the desire to be more flexible and forgiving? Do you have the desire to undo the energy drain of the life and work, start the year or business anew? If yes, it’s time to be like bamboo

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Top 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Celebrate Spring Equinox

Seasonal retreats and celebrations are key elements of my sustainable business plan.  Four times a year I host a virtual retreat to align with the natural elements.  In this video, I share the top 3 reasons why this is an essential practice for personal and business success.   This month, we will celebrate the elements…

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Best 15 Rewards of Meditation

Meditation is not only about spiritual pursuits or reducing stress. There are many other benefits not usually spoken about for body, mind and spirit.

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