5 Questions to Ask Before Registering for That 6-Figure Course


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Are you considering a course that costs 4-figures and promises 6-figures?  If so, I want you to ask these 5 questions before you click the payment button.  These may not change your mind, but I do hope they will guide you to make a smart investment when you make a choice.  Let me be perfectly clear. This does not mean I don't want you to be prosperous, it just means I am leading from a different energy and intention, and want to be in integrity with what I promise. In my circle, it is known as the Way of the YINpreneur™.

I am a mom and feeling a bit protective.  I am also leading a movement of mission-inspired entrepreneurs in a new paradigm.  This episode of The Way of the YINpreneur™is created with you in heart and mind.

For now, I share gratitude for you taking the time to read my email and listen to my podcast. Wishing you success in whatever path you choose to learn to grow you and your business.

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