are you list-building or ❤ community building?

You probably know the term “list-building.”  If not, it is a term that refers to building an email list. I understand the value of “growing your list,” but the idea just seems so cold and distant.

For me, it feels better to speak in a gentler, more compassionate way of what the list represents.  Each name represents someone who wants to connect with me or what I share, e.g., a tele-class, guided meditation or coaching service.  I am honored by the connection and want to nurture this connection.  Together, each person contributes to what has become a community.  This reminds me that, I am not growing a list, I am creating community.  I do not do it alone.  I am the means by which each of us comes together to create our community.
Coming from this place of connection and community changes everything.  It changes my perspective on my communication, sales, the content of my email and marketing, and the language I use.  It feels more personal and connected.
I no longer what to shout, or put stuff out there.  I want a gentler more loving approach to connect and share.  I realize it is less about selling and more about serving.  My intention is for a two-way conversation. This is one of the reasons I have let go of my resistance to Facebook and started connecting in both private groups and public pages.  These groups allow the wonderful heart-centered people that have come into my circle to connect with me and with each other.  In this way, we can support and celebrate each other.
The video I recreated for my new program is an example of how this perspective is affecting me and this heart-centered, gentler way of being with my marketing and communications.  For example, with this in mind, I recreated the video below and added music to invite and soothe. (thanks to my daughter for this addition) For those of you who know me, I want to connect and guide people to slow down to speed your success. Would love to hear what you think and feel after watching.  (email me or visit my Facebook page)
In the future, you will see new ways I am creating to share this gentler, more loving approach to marketing and ways for us to connect. I am seeking topics, ideas, practices and different media to make this happen. Your suggestions are welcome.I invite you to visit my website and check out the calendar of events so you can plan ahead and keep in touch. (sometimes the calendar is glitchy and doesn’t hold the event, but most times it works, so also watch your email for invites) Some events are membership-specific to Retreat Muse Studio or Virtual RetreatU, but many are gratis and open to my community. I invite you to join me for a free call, virtual retreat, solstice or equinox celebration, Wisdom Tea meditation, and more.
Two upcoming programs reflect the changes I am making to relate to this way of being in life and work. They are:

  • Love-based Copywriting - a FREE teleclass with Michele PW (this Thurs, August 28 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET (click for your local/global time)
  • My NEW Virtual RetreatU Leadership Training 8-Week Experience This is a unique learning experience that blends learning and retreat practice to guide you step-by-step to lead virtual retreats versus the traditional webinars and teleseminars, so we can connect from a heart-centered place (BTW, if it resonates, click here for the special community-gratitude/members-only price that is not available on the web page).
[[firstname]], Thank you for taking the time to read my email, click the links and connect with me.  I am grateful for our connection in word, act and spirit.  I love finding resources, sharing the lessons I learn and the people I believe will help you create a more soulful and empowered life and biz.  Please share your suggestions for resources you would like to share by email or Facebook.  It takes a village and I want to share in this village with you.

Wishing you the joy of a heart-centered, joyFILLED life and business.
From my heart to yours,
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Work As A Meditation – Insight Timer app review

Sometimes, I need help to stay focused and not burn out.  I truly enjoy finding ways to make work a meditation.  Insight Timer is one of those mindful resources that helps me be in that peaceful and productive space.

This is not about sitting silently cross-legged, chanting OM and getting nothing done.  This is about bringing clarity and focus to whatever I am doing with a peace that nurtures my creativity and productivity.

It has been proven that mindfulness and breathing breaks are great for inspiring and nurturing the creative mind.  I like to integrate them into my work space.

The Insight Timer app is my favorite way to do just that.  It was created as a meditation app and provides the peaceful yet empowering sound of Tibetan singing bowls.  It is available on your iPhone or Android, and includes additional resources to help you track and enjoy meditation.

Watch this video to learn more, then follow the simple steps to make your work a meditation:

Simple steps to make work a meditation:

  1. Choose your favorite singing bowl.
  2. Set the timer and start or interval chimes.
  3. Start the timer and focus on your intention for the time you will work.
  4. Breathe with the first bell (bowl) and get started.
  5. When the final chime/bell goes off, take another breath and get centered.  You may even connect with your heart and intuition.
  6. If you will continue you working, move a bit while breathing before starting again.
  7. Rinse and repeat steps #1-#6 (if you have more work to do)

When I integrate this way of working into my day overwhelm melts away, I feel as though I have more time, and I am checking in and staying more focused on what I want to create.  It seems to work best when I set the timer for 1 hour intervals and take little breaks.  I invite you to try this.

Enjoy this way of working and being.  See how it provides more peace of mind, while increasing your energy, creativity and productivity.  Share how it affects the way you work and how you feel in the comments below or on my Facebook page.  Or, share your ideas for staying focused and nurturing your productivity.

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What Is A YINpreneur

Announcing the return of the YINpreneur™? Pretty exciting stuff around here.

Those of you in my circle for many years have expressed joyful recognition of her return and are curious to see what she is up to. Others, may wonder “what is a YINpreneur™?” And some, may not have even noticed. This is all OK.

What is a YInpreneur™

There is much to share, but I will start by saying, YINpreneur is not a what but a who. She is the who to my what. She is born of my passion and intuition. She’s back and on fire (appropriately timed with the summer element of fire) [Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to get the link for the new online YINpreneur self-assessment]

The what is the “(entre)preneur” part, i.e., a person that lives and works with the spirit of an entrepreneur, even if they do not have a business. They are creative, innovative and out to help make the world the best it can be. This is the yang-masculine energy of outer-creation.

The who is the “yin.” S/he is the deeper, inner-entrenreneur, inner-artist, inner wise woman who craves a life and work with more yin-feminine energy (energy versus gender). She honors her intuition, does not expect life to be linear and all figured out, and knows that a life without emotion and passion is a life not worth living. She believes in making money and prosperity, but more importantly, she wants to connect with you, and for you to connect with your passion, feel honored and loved.

Where has she been?

She did not disappear altogether, but she did drop out of the main light. Why? She was born in 2011. She came to me as a soul-message while leading one of the first Awaken Your Success Goddess virtual retreats. At that time, the world was not ready for her, and neither was I. I was not grounded in my feminine leadership energy. I kept being pulled back into my old, masculine, corporate way of doing. I dabbled in yin-feminine but did not know how to lead or speak from this powerful place. Over the years, I have found my yin-feminine power, and my voice.

Want to know more?

Enjoy this intro video, and stay connected to follow our journey.  Want to learn more about yourself as a YINpreneur?

  1. Click here to take the quiz and enjoy affirmations to learn if you lead with more masculine or feminine energy?
  2. Click Here or in the sidebar to receive the 10 Guiding Principles for Wise Women ebook & meditations.

I would love to know how the YINpreneur feels to you?  Do you relate?  Anything you want to suggest or ask of her?  Please share in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

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