What Is A YINpreneur

Announcing the return of the YINpreneur™? Pretty exciting stuff around here.

Those of you in my circle for many years have expressed joyful recognition of her return and are curious to see what she is up to. Others, may wonder “what is a YINpreneur™?” And some, may not have even noticed. This is all OK.

What is a YInpreneur™

There is much to share, but I will start by saying, YINpreneur is not a what but a who. She is the who to my what. She is born of my passion and intuition. She’s back and on fire (appropriately timed with the summer element of fire) [Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to get the link for the new online YINpreneur self-assessment]

The what is the “(entre)preneur” part, i.e., a person that lives and works with the spirit of an entrepreneur, even if they do not have a business. They are creative, innovative and out to help make the world the best it can be. This is the yang-masculine energy of outer-creation.

The who is the “yin.” S/he is the deeper, inner-entrenreneur, inner-artist, inner wise woman who craves a life and work with more yin-feminine energy (energy versus gender). She honors her intuition, does not expect life to be linear and all figured out, and knows that a life without emotion and passion is a life not worth living. She believes in making money and prosperity, but more importantly, she wants to connect with you, and for you to connect with your passion, feel honored and loved.

Where has she been?

She did not disappear altogether, but she did drop out of the main light. Why? She was born in 2011. She came to me as a soul-message while leading one of the first Awaken Your Success Goddess virtual retreats. At that time, the world was not ready for her, and neither was I. I was not grounded in my feminine leadership energy. I kept being pulled back into my old, masculine, corporate way of doing. I dabbled in yin-feminine but did not know how to lead or speak from this powerful place. Over the years, I have found my yin-feminine power, and my voice.

Want to know more?

Enjoy this intro video, and stay connected to follow our journey.  Want to learn more about yourself as a YINpreneur?

  1. Click here to take the quiz and enjoy affirmations to learn if you lead with more masculine or feminine energy?
  2. Click Here or in the sidebar to receive the 10 Guiding Principles for Wise Women ebook & meditations.

I would love to know how the YINpreneur feels to you?  Do you relate?  Anything you want to suggest or ask of her?  Please share in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

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why i write

Do you know what a blog hop is?  Neither did I.  Yet, I love to write, so, when Sheila Kennedy, friend, author, You Had It All Along: 5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Confidence At Your Core, and Confidence Coach of J29Project invited me to participate in a blog hop I answered with an energetic, “Yes.”

Journal-iconJG(161x100)Writing is a way for me to connect.

When I write in my journal, formerly known as a diary, I write to connect with my thoughts and emotions.  Finding the words to put my feelings on paper helps me find clarity amidst confusion, vulnerability and overwhelm.  As I write, I don’t only explore the words, but I get more deeply in touch with my feelings.  The words in my head bounce around and call for labeling.  When I write I get them out of my head which makes room for observation and curiosity.  In this way, I see my life with less drama and more art.

Writing is a passion of mine, and has been since lower school.  In college, I was self-critical and reluctant to satisfy this desire.  It was not until my junior year that I gave myself permission to take classes in English and composition.  It was too late to change my major, but connecting to my passion proved an easy path to an A.

As part of my work, which is also my passion, I write to connect others with what I have learned.  At these times, my intention is  to bring more joy and passion to our lives or share a more feminine way of working and living.  This may manifest as a blog, ebook or  guides for a course.  When I write and share with passion these items take on more depth.  They are less lecture and workbook and more passion and playsheet.  There is a synergy.  The learning is deeper and transformational.

Other times, I write in my  journal and connect with gratitude.  I write in a simple, lined-page journal given to me by a client. It holds special meaning.  Each time I open it, I feel the gratitude for the gift of the journal.  Once or twice each day, I share two or three things for which I am grateful.  When I started the journal it was a challenge to find three things.  I believe it was the judgement I brought to the writing, as if I was editing versus sharing.  Yet, I kept the journal visible so I would be tempted to practice daily.  With practice my gratitude expanded and writing got easier.  What started out as a struggle, may now fill several pages.  Not only because I am more grateful, but the joy of writing makes me want to share the event in more detail.

It is hard to write when my mind wanders, so writing becomes a practice to support mindful creativity.  When I write,  I tend to slow down, breathe, and enjoy being fully present.  Sometimes, I write simply because I like to feel the pen in my hand and see the ink appear on the paper.  At these moments, I enjoy being full present and the power of all my senses.  It is a time to be playful, imagine, and write as if I have no cares.  When I left go of writing the best and biggest novel, award-winning poetry or self-help book, it becomes a retreat from the busy and a chance to get in touch with my inner artist.  It feels good to give myself permission to simply take time for me, and to write.

I am still learning about blog hops, but research tells me it is about writing and sharing.  Let me share a bit of gratitude to those who I already know of in this circle.  I invite you to get to know them, check out their blogs, and share comments.  The circle grows and so does the love.

  • Robin Taney  who prompted Sheila to be part of this blog hop.
  • Sheila Kennedy who shared her blog last week, and prompted me.
  • Elizabeth Barbour, friend, speaker, and a fabulous coach who takes entrepreneurs from “tired to inspired,” will share her blog with us next week.
  • Asha Ramakrishna, sister spirit and biz mentor, of AshaRamakrishna.com will join our circle and share her blog next week.

Do you write?  If so, what moves you to write?  How does it feel to write?  I would love to hear.  Share in the comments below or on my Facebook page.


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The Tao of Focus and Letting Go


Wu wei wisdom for focus from Derek Lin, The Tao of Joy Every Day

I love the simplicity of the Tao to guide me in my work as a heart-centered YINpreneur.

This quote reminds me to let go of attachments.  For me, it reminds me to let go of thoughts and feelings that may crowd my mind or try to distract me from what I intend to create in my life, my work, my art.

Attaching to the shiny objects or negative self-thoughts that cross my mind as I seek to create.  The distractions lead me to procrastinate  or even reduce my passion.

I want to learn to be present, let go of the fear of the unknown and the attachment to the outcome.  I want to learn to listen to my inner wise woman, my YINpreneur™.  This quote reminds me to be in this place.

I invite you to breathe.  Let go.  Focus!  Be joyful!


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