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Dear Soulful and Creative Entrepreneurs.

If you are like many who visit this page, you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, or have an entrepreneur's heart, doing meaningful work in the world. You know meditation and mindfulness are key to your creative process, life and business success. You trust your intuition, align with energy, and believe in manifesting and miracles.  All of this because you have a message to share and want to make a positive contribution to the world.

You desire the feeling of confidence, clarity and being comfortable in your own skin - connected to your soulful goal and higher purpose. You long for a guide or circle who share your spirit and speak your language to share in celebration and support.

We are blending ancient wisdom and modern practice.

From my heart to yours,

Clients Share

  • Cynthia Barnett, PhD

    I worked with Karen for many months mapping out my retreat by the sea. I had done many retreats in the past but they were more like workshops where I prepared a three ring binder with lots of work sheets, etc. This time I did not prepare a binder nor did I give out any work sheets.  With Karen’s guidance it was all about the experience. The transformation. Being on retreat, relaxing, and truly enjoying the moments.  This was also the first time I made a profit, with much less work.  In the past, I broke even and many times lost money.

    My biggest breakthrough was the transformation the women experienced at the retreat.  I would venture to say that this was my best retreat.

    Cynthia Barnett, PhD Refire Don't Retire
  • Mary Alice Long, PhD
    The content, rhythm, and experiential quality of Karen's retreat gave me direction that set me free to explore my own organizer. I found that the contributions and stories of the other women in our group increased my awareness and curiosity of my own organizer's story.  As the retreat progressed a number of the women, including myself, experienced shifts in awareness that allowed them to take action and make small change that produced BIG impact. Lights began to shine!
    Mary Alice Long, PhD Play=Peace
  • Sylvia Warren, MBA
    The body of work you've created for Virtual RetreatU is simply brilliant. It resonates with clarity, value and care. So many of the resources you provide, especially for tech timid entrepreneurs, erase any doubt that business owners can bring their visions into reality with practical online and offline steps that actually work for them. Thank you for sharing in easily digestible ways all the precious gifts that Virtual RetreatU offers. Even if participants implement only 2-3 of the tools available to them, their businesses will shift into growth and prosperity.
    Sylvia Warren, MBA Wild Wisdom Journeys
  • Sheila Kennedy
    To learn from her is awesome, but to work with her is simply amazing. Just the sound of Karen McMillan’s voice helps to calm and revive me. I absolutely love the virtual retreats I have attended that Karen leads. I was so honored when Karen invited me to co-lead a retreat with her as a YIN Master during my latest book launch. She was calm, organized, helpful, supportive and inspiring throughout the whole process. Interacting with Karen has created unlimited benefits for me as I build my business and strive to live a balanced life. What I have learned from her has transformed my personal life and my professional practice. The greatest compliment I think anyone can give is a referral and I enthusiastically refer my clients and friends to Karen.< Karen is so genuine and leads by example which is something rare. My platform is helping women to build confidence at their core. Karen is a shining example of what we should all strive for and that is what makes knowing her and working with her such a blessing. It feels so natural and necessary to introduce people to Karen because their lives will forever be changed for the better.
    Sheila Kennedy The Zebra Inc.
  • Caren Kolerski
    I am very grateful to Karen for not only providing the virtual heart and community experience, but also the tech part as well. As a result of moving through the process with Karen, I now feel empowered to move forward. It is exciting to envision the possibilities – among them the introduction of Laughter Yoga. The way she beautifully breaks down the process step by step, walking her students through the technology as actual participants, allowed me to see first- hand that it IS possible! My passion is to lead retreats. Karen’s expertise helped me to see that I can use some technology without taking on another full time job! I so appreciate the gifts that Karen continues to offer to make leading retreats easier as she marches ahead of us through whatever may appear overwhelming to Retreat Leaders. Her commitment to growing professional Retreat Leaders as well as women who access retreats for their own spiritual practice is definitely a Gift!
    Caren Kolerski Laughter Yoga
  • Diana Kostigen
    What an amazing virtual retreat today, Karen. I'm blown away each and every time, walking away with new goals, a renewed spirit, a feeling of community and SUCH solid principles and advice for life and business! Can't stop singing "we are the world.
    Diana Kostigen Eat. Move. Shine.
  • Tammi Spruill
    Karen is able to get to the heart of the matter, quickly, gently and effortlessly. I experience awesome breakthroughs each session.
    Tammi Spruill Fruition Creative Studio
  • Helene Van Manen, MCC
    Karen McMillan is one of the most hip, happening and savvy business leaders on the planet today. She has this innate sense of business success that guides her and then flows over into every conversation she has. This sense, combined with her strong background as a professional in the fields of coaching, business, non profits and education, puts her at the top of today’s echelon of women leaders.
    Helene Van Manen, MCC Retreat Coach Network
  • Elaine G.
    Karen is an exceptional asset for me and also my business. Honestly, I would have to check all the attributes provided -- great results, extraordinarily personable, expert and experienced, superlative value with immediate results, professional in every sense of the word. In short, she is a fantastic coach and has helped me understand the business world (which I am new to) and how best to personally function and face my new challenges. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful, present, and caring presence in his or her life.
    Elaine G. Ageless Remedies

How I Serve

Stop.  Breathe. Enjoy this 5 minute retreat.

Guided meditation on  your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Breathe and decide which product or service is best aligned with you and your dreams.

Giving Back

A portion of every purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.