Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off for creativity (TEDX talk)

Nurture your creativity with a 1 year sabbatical every seven years :-)

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Your Life As Art

Listen and read  


Art is a HUGE factor in all I am and do.  I enjoy creating it.  I enjoy visiting galleries and admiring it!   For years I studied it, and consider getting a degree about collecting it. It inspires  my coaching practice, as I nurture the inner artist in each of us.

Personally, I remember the moment when my perspective on my own art changed.   It was during a phone conversation with my professional-artist-cousin.  I had mentioned that I was “practicing my art with my photography” and she stopped and applauded me for (finally) calling my photography my art.

My daughter inspires me as a living artist, who reads, writes and draws daily.

This took me down a new path …

Today, as I took my morning walk, surrounded by the art of the Flat Iron District and Greenwich Village, I saw everything around me as art. During that walk, this blog came to me, so hear I share it.

We are all artists. Our world is a studio in which we create our life.

A true artist does not create for others.  She creates for herself.

Actually, she does not create art, but allows her art to flow through her, from her deepest knowing and intuition.

She nurtures her connection with Self, her higher power, and her inner artist to support and inspire her to create great art.

It can be black and white, shades of gray, or full of color.

Great art is not flat or dying, but vibrant, alive and full of depth and dimension.

When we step back and behold it, it does not bore us or put us to sleep, but moves us to emotion, to a gentle smile, pure joy, or even tears.  And for this emotion, we are grateful.  It is affirms we have the heart of an artist.

True art does not come from our mind, it is created from the heArt.

It flows in words, shapes, forms and sounds.

It sings to us, plays for us, plays with us, and makes our life more beautiful.

This beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When the artist can look at her life and see it as beautiful she knows it is perfect.

It is then that her art becomes a unique creation.  Timeless and alive.

I invite you to look at your life as art.  Look at it with the eye, mind and heart of an artist.

Don’t leave a blank canvas.  Bring it to life.  Make it yours.

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Burnout or On Fire

Summer Greetings Friends!

As things heat up, I am called to share this Mindful Minute. Maybe because I got so busy this week I almost forgot to post it. Guess this message is really for me, but I’m sharing it with you (soft lol)

Summer calls us to be very active. It is the season of fire and passion. If you are like me, the longer days and shining sun tempt me to be out and about and more active. It also fills me with ideas that I want to create. Doing. Doing, and more doing become my way of life (very yang, masculine energy). Unless I stop and realize that this pace may cause me to burnout. I am called to slow down to speed up my success, i.e., balance with a little yin, feminine energy. This is what inspired today’s Mindful Minute audio.



How are you pacing yourself? I invite you to stop, breathe, and enjoy what you are creating. Celebrate before you move forward. You deserve to slow down to speed up your success.

Do you have ideas to slow down and celebrate? Please share them in the comments or with us on my Facebook page.

Wishing you the joy and passion of this summer season.

From my heart to yours.

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